Say it Like The Peanut Butter

First ever GIF here for Western106 assignment and I went ultra complex using two whole images making the results worth two thousand words. Although lots of those words are the same so if you cross reference, eliminate remainders and carry the zero, it’s worth about 1150.

I fear I did not quite capture the essence of this scene, but this visual from Trainspotting always stuck with me. From Holy S%^t to S%^t-eating grin in 100 milliseconds. GIF is a hell of a drug.


0 thoughts on “Say it Like The Peanut Butter”

  1. I never thought of GIF like a drug – but yeah I guess it is an addiction.
    So just like deciding Western genre – some addictions are okay and do no harm, and some do…hmnnn. Short post but deep thoughts.

    And cool GIF!

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