Gettin’ Air Top Ten

Stephen Hurley of VoicEd Radio, likely sick of me sending him new podcast recordings to release on his platform, recently upgraded his Spreaker account to allow me access to publish new episodes myself. An extra bonus is that I can now see the stats.

I was curious to see which was the most listened to episode of my main podcast: Gettin’ Air: The Open Pedagogy Podcast. And surprised at the answer! Not that I think the all time leader is not worthy. When it comes to shmooshing technology and learning together, he is probably one of the world’s best. No hyperbole in that statement. It’s just, you know, look at the list of guests! There are some big names on there!

So I took it to Twitter, to annoy people into guessing who it was at the top of the list. The suggestions were the ones I would have guessed, too! Maha Bali, Audrey Watters, Sheri Spelic, Bonni Stachowiak, Robin DeRosa. All absolutely fantastic guests, but not the number one. Not today anyway. Some of these episodes deserve more listens!

Sure thing, Jesse! Now keep in mind that these are the stats for downloads of the podcast. Gettin’ Air is also a radio show on, and I don’t have those stats. An episode may have had a decent showing of live listeners when it was broadcast. Who knows? I do believe there is some weird luck going on in the timing of the release sometimes. It’s like a game of Plinko sometimes. This would all be moot if everyone just listened to every episode. OK?

So let’s see that list!

  1. John Stewart: Assistant Director for the Office of Digital Learning at the University of Oklahoma
  2. Chad Flinn: Student advocate and Open Pedagogy enthusiast
  3. Audrey Watters: Writer at Hack Education
  4. Jim Groom: Co-founder of Reclaim Hosting
  5. Jesse Stommel: Founder @HybridPed @DigPedLab
  6. Catherine Cronin: Ireland’s National Forum for Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  7. Lee Skallerup Bessette: Learning Design Specialist at Georgetown
  8. Sheri Spelic: The Edified Listener
  9. Mia Zamora: Associate Professor of English and Director of the MA in Writing Studies at Kean University
  10. Frances Bell and Anne-Marie Scott: The FemEdTEch Quilt

There you have it! The list will likely need to be updated once Robin DeRosa’s mom gets in on this, so stay tuned!

And tune in soon for new episodes from Valerie Irvine and Tim Owens! As always, if you are interested in being a guest on the show, I’d love to set something up (even if you’ve been on before!). Get in touch!

Photo by Joshua Golde on Unsplash

Gettin’ Air with Bryan Mathers

The release of last week’s episode of Gettin’ Air came with bonus material… A new logo! I’ve loved Bryan Mathers’ work for a long time. My laptop is covered in work he’s done with the likes of Reclaim Hosting, Audrey Watters, OpenETC … just to name a few. I wear his work on my belly often in the form of my Hack Education t-shirt. His stickers are also on my tablet, my bike. It even makes our mini van a little cooler than it already is. So to have some Bryan Mathers art as a logo for Gettin’ Air is just like… you know…. frickin’ awesome. I have considered getting it tattooed on my person. Check out all his work here, and consider how valuable his process could be in any number of projects you work on.

Have a look through the Twitter Moment below for links to the things we chat about in the episode as well as some other responses shared after the fact. And if you’d like me to send you a sticker, shoot me your address in a Twitter message.

Gettin’ Air with Karen Costa

Karen Costa (@karenraycosta) is a faculty development facilitator specializing in online pedagogy and trauma awareness in higher ed. We chat about some of the things she has learned in working with and supporting thousands of faculty from around the world. Karen also reveals what the 100th tip for creating great educational videos would have been were she not limited to 99 in her book 99 Tips for Creating Simple & Sustainable Educational Videos.

Here is the episode.

Here are the shownotes via Twitter Moment:

Gettin’ Air with Remi Kalir

In a fit of extreme efficiency, it only took me 110-ish episodes to work out a good workflow for collecting and sharing some show notes for an episode of Gettin’ Air: The Open Pedagogy Podcast.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Record a podcast episode with someone awesome. Remi Kalir fits that bill perfectly.
  2. Set a time with the also awesome Stephen Hurley at VoicEd Radio to broadcast the episode. Make sure your guest is available to listen at that time.
  3. Listen to the broadcast and, with your guest, tweet out links to all the stuff you talk about with the hashtag #gettinair.
  4. Be thankful that Jonathan Lashley also listened and tweeted along so that it didn’t feel like you were tweeting to no one.
  5. Check with Stephen Hurley to see if anyone is listening. Find out that people are listening in far off places like Alabama!
  6. Keep tweeting the things we chat about.
  7. Slap all those tweets into a Twitter Moment (see it below)
  8. Slap that Moment into your blog, categorize it and tag it with ‘Gettin’ Air’ and here we are!

Feeling the Ground by Getting Some Air

I was asked recently to write a guest blog post for the WCET Frontiers blog. WCET works in the practice, policy, & advocacy of technology-enhanced learning in higher education. The post spun out of Gettin’ Air being included in a list of recommended podcasts and I was happy to get the opportunity to reflect on why I enjoy podcasting so much.

So head over here to see the post itself!

Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash