The Universal Learn Assessment Tool

If learning styles were real, I would be a satirical learner. And satire is precisely what lets us get away with doing this. My teammate and fellow satire enthusiast Christian and I were chatting away about how to share our learning.

Thinking something like “I worked on _____ and all I learned was this stupid idea”. Low effort, decent impact, could still have fun with it. I’m picturing an intentionally shitty aesthetic.

Christian Metaxas, Electronic Learning Designer

This didn’t directly send me to think of primary school style worksheets. But almost. I sent Christian an example of an End of Lesson Exit Card. “Like this?”

end of lesson exit card. How do you feel about this lesson? circle one: (then 7 options of faces with different emotions to choose from) why?

image source

Ahaha exactly. Maybe give it a little Breaking Bad edge.

an image of the Universal Pain Assessment Chart taken from AMC's Breaking Bad

In the show, a young entrepreneur from New Mexico named Jesse Pinkman was in the hospital and the show used this device (the chart) to maybe hint that Jesse might be looking elsewhere for pain medication in the near future. Turns out this chart is based on a real chart which used the Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale.

Now to get silly. Would it be funny to replace “pain” with “learn”? Yes. Yes, it would.

Enter The Universal Learn Assessment Tool. I am not sure at this point what is intentional and what is unintentional, but the low production value aesthetic has not been harmed by my work here.

 this is an image of the universal learn assessment tool the learn assessment tool is intended to help patient care providers assess learn according to individual learner needs explain and use zero to 10 scale for learn self-assessment use the faces or behavioral observations to interpret expressed learn when patient cannot communicate his or her learn intensity so then there's a chart with a verbal descriptor scale the facial Grimace scale and activity tolerance zero is no learn :-) alert smiling activity tolerance no pain one two and three is mild learn no humor serious and flat the smile is low it can be ignored the learning can be ignored four and five is moderate learn furrowed Brau pursed lips breath holding this interferes with tasks and sleep five six and seven is moderate learn wrinkled nose raised upper lips wrap it breathing and it interferes with concentration 789 is severe learn slow blink open mouth interferes with basic needs 10 worst learn possible eyes closed moaning c

If you feel you have just experienced the worst learn possible, we advise bedrest immediately.

We have more plans for this. Stay tuned. Artwork by Christian.

a sketch drawing of plans for an online learning readiness assessment chart