Thanks Milan – Lessons Learned at #OEGlobal19

It’s too soon and I’m still a little jet lagged to have truly processed this last week, so at this time I’m just going go with a lessons learned list as an initial reflection of the experience that was the Open Education Global Conference in Milan.

Lesson 1. Nominate yourself for stuff. It can get you a trip to Italy if it works out.

Lesson 2. If you have a child under two, take them. They fly for free and they get called “bellissima bambina” all the time and you can never get enough of that.

Lesson 3. Said child will not be impressed by anything you are impressed by as you can see in this series of tweets.

Lesson 4. Getting to know people online and then meeting them for the first time in person and finding out they are just as awesome IRL is the best. Looking at you Brian Lamb, Grant Potter, Tom Woodward, Jim Groom, Anne-Marie Scott, Karen Cangialosi. (and a host of others I’d already had the honour of meeting)

Lesson 5. Feed and water your Virtually Connecting guests and they will respond with great conversations.

Lesson 6. When you go to an Open Education conference, don’t just share your pedagogy and stuff, share actual things like socks and you’ll get stuff back!

Lesson 7. Italy’s lecture hall seat game is better than yours as you can see in this image I captured of the backs of Grant, Anne-Marie and Brian.

Lesson 8. There are SO MANY amazing projects going on in Open Education around the world. Dig in to any and all of PhET, Grasple, OASIS, ZTC Pathways, SPLOTs, Blueprint for Success in College & Career, CLIx, QEIOS, VR Classroom app, Open Geography, OpenMed, and, a favorite: Shin-Godzilla Themed OER.

Lesson 9. There are strong feelings about how to use your debit card in Italy.

Lesson 10. A little appreciation for those who send you to cool things like this goes a long way. Thank you, Fleming College!

Hopefully I can offer a deeper reflection soon.