The Chance Encounter of Ona Corkum and Caterina Giannantonio

Daily Create 1605 Canadian Ona Corkum, Thunder Bay’s penultimate foot doctor, made an unlikely friend last month off the coast of Puerto Rico. Ona has had a fear of water all of her life and was determined to master this fear by going on an all inclusive cruise through the Caribbean.

She had had a couple tee many martoonis when she slipped on a plate of jumbo shrimp that Italy’s Caterina Giannantonio had placed on the boatdeck while she refilled her margarita. The resulting crash ended up with Ona and Caterina somehow laughingly tangled up in three separate chaise longes to the delight of 150 other passengers on the deck at the time.

Six of those passengers had the wherewithal to film it and even get together to splice and edit the footage into a six second Vine complete with dubstep music. The duo became minor cruise ship celebrities for the remainder of the trip and have stayed in touch ever since.

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Well John Johnston Came 106ing Past

As a Canadian, the name John Johnston reminds me immediately of Tom Thompson, one of our best painters. Today, for Daily Create 1592, we write a poem for John! Well, lucky me, another famous group of Canadians wrote a song about Tom Thomspon, so now I have a template to borrow to add some words for John. Hope you’re okay with some 90s CanRock, John!

Here is my version of Three Pistols, by The Tragically Hip, for John Johnston.

Well, John Johnston came 106ing past
I’m pretty sure it was him
And he spoke so softly in accordance
To the GLOWing of the dim
He said, “Bring on a brand new disruption
‘Cause I think I’m ready
Well, I’ve been futzing all night long
But my voice is steady”

image credit: Tom Thompson’s Jack Pine National Gallery of Canada

Try to Make Me Sing?

Ha ha ha NO WAY! Not unless you send me some ds106 socks. Daily Create #1591 wants to get me to sing about a place I’ve never been. But holy moly that Vancouver song is something else. It’s timeless really. If anything could inspire me to sing, it’s that. But nope! Didn’t work! I know I’m totally going against my ‘It sounds crazy, but I’ll do it?’ credo but there is a limit. And that limit is my singing voice.

So I came up with a work around. will spew out your text in audio and you can choose different characters and speeds. I chose U.S. Ray at Speed -2 to spoken word my Ode To Delaware. Here it is in all it’s Mediocrity: (lyrics below, too)

Never been to Delaware, What’s in Delaware?
Do people say Delawhere are you? in Delaware?
Delaware is Delawhere? Over Delathere?
Can I get my Delahair done in Delaware?
Is there a Delachair?



I Do Enjoy A Good Lebowski GIF Battle

This has already been shared elsewhere, but I wanted to post it on my blog as well so all of my future readers (hahaha I just mean my future self!) will remember that I had a grand ol’ time Lebowski GIF battling with Alan Levine last week. Thanks Alan, I am still recovering my GIF muscles.

Hotel 106 is Calling From Far Away

Alanis Morissette updated her lyrics to ‘Ironic’ so I thought, if she can do it, I can do it too, only not as well! So for today’s Daily Create, in which we discover the Hotel 106 has the same ridiculous checkout policy as the Hotel California, we have revised lyrics! Think of the Don Henley serenading you as you read the lyrics:

Hotel 106

On a dark super highway, cool thoughts in my head
Warm smell of coffee, rising up through the air
Up ahead in the monitor, I saw a blinking cursor
My head grew heavy and my ideas grew dim
I had to skip a few lyrics
hmmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmm hmmm;
I heard the Twitter bell
And I was thinking to myself,
“I should probably be doing something else”
Then they lit up a Daily and they showed me a way
There were GIFfies down the Tweetdeck stream,
I thought I saw them loop…

Welcome to the Hotel One Oh Si-ix
Such a learny place (Such a learny place)
At whatever pace
Plenty to learn at the Hotel One Oh Si-ix
Most time of year (Most time of year)
You can find it here

My mind is GIFfany-twisted, I got the WordPressy bends
I got a lot of witty, witty peeps I calls friends
How they dance in syndication, sweet creative sweat.
Some Tweet to remember, some just plain forget

So I called up the CogDog,
“Please post me Create”
He said, “We haven’t had that silliness here since, oh last Tuesday”
And still those blog posts are calling from far away,
Wake you up in the middle of work
Just to see their Create…

Welcome to the Hotel One Oh Si-ix
Such a learny place (Such a learny place)
At whatever pace
They livin’ it up at the Hotel One Oh Si-ix
What a nice domain (what a nice domain)
Bring your own stories

Mirrors of the webpage,
The pink text hard to see
And she said “We are all just blog posters here, on our own device”
And on the master pages,
They aggregated for the feast
They click it with their electric mice,
And they just won’t stop the flow

Last thing I remember, I was
tweetin daily creates
I had to find the hashtag back
To get a place on the leaderboard
“Relax, ” said the DogTrax,
“We are programmed to Create.
You can post them any time you like,
But you can’t catch Ron_2008! “

Tourism Mashups

I’m excited to say that today the Daily Create was my suggestion! Although I didn’t come up with the idea myself. Back in the early 2000s when all the big clothes retailers were going super crazy with graphic tees (it was like they thought they had just made up the idea) I found a t-shirt at Old Navy for $7 that had a picture of the Kremlin, with ‘California’ across the middle. I thought it was pretty funny to mix things up like that. I put a few together (re-using the Kremlin idea even) and suggested it as a ds106 Daily Create. Thanks for the fun idea, graphic tee designer man or woman at Old Navy circa 2001-ish!

I enjoy that it even says Sudbury on the water tower in the Vegas one. Sudbury is like Vegas of the north, I think. I drove by it once.

When I saw that this was the daily create today I was excited to make more. This one inspired by watching the Princess and The Frog 63 times with our daughters. It might just be my favorite Disney movie. It is delightful. And Raymond the Lightning Bug is the greatest insect of all time.

dreamsin norleans

Sorry, but just one more. Wanted to go with a place with a crazy name and a boring looking picture. The road sign for the real Ragged Ass Road is apparently stolen a lot. There’s even a Tom Cochrane song about the road. Coincidentally, the song Ragged Ass Road has an exciting name and a boring sound. Way to play along with the game, Tom!

ragged ass road