Howdy, WesternDS106

Mornin’ ladies and gents, I’ll be coming along this caravan ride through the wild west of the Internet. I hang my hat in Central Ontario, Canada where we have a Wild West ethos, with a little bit of North East thrown in. I passed my younger days in Western Canada where no one remembers which laws to follow and blames the guvmint for the milk going sour. Anyhow, I make my living at the local college as a learning technologist which I don’t think was a job back in the old west.

I’m taking this dusty westernDS106 road with you to learn me a few more tricks to put in my saddle bags. More ways to lasso the learners into learnings. To add some story, some yarns to tell around the virtual campfire. What do I know about this stuff already? I’ve given it a go in the past embedding story into online courses. A little Wild West approach might be just the ticket to break out of the corral and make online learning more of a good time. I want to learn how to create in all them categories we added to our blog on the left hand side there, in all kinds of different programs and software.

If I’m going to stay on this path, I’ll have to hunker down and do it everyday, but also, I’ll have to kill two birds with one stone and create things I can use for this here school house I’m working at. It should be quite a quest. Saddle up and see you out there!


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