Tourism Mashups

I’m excited to say that today the Daily Create was my suggestion! Although I didn’t come up with the idea myself. Back in the early 2000s when all the big clothes retailers were going super crazy with graphic tees (it was like they thought they had just made up the idea) I found a t-shirt at Old Navy for $7 that had a picture of the Kremlin, with ‘California’ across the middle. I thought it was pretty funny to mix things up like that. I put a few together (re-using the Kremlin idea even) and suggested it as a ds106 Daily Create. Thanks for the fun idea, graphic tee designer man or woman at Old Navy circa 2001-ish!

I enjoy that it even says Sudbury on the water tower in the Vegas one. Sudbury is like Vegas of the north, I think. I drove by it once.

When I saw that this was the daily create today I was excited to make more. This one inspired by watching the Princess and The Frog 63 times with our daughters. It might just be my favorite Disney movie. It is delightful. And Raymond the Lightning Bug is the greatest insect of all time.

dreamsin norleans

Sorry, but just one more. Wanted to go with a place with a crazy name and a boring looking picture. The road sign for the real Ragged Ass Road is apparently stolen a lot. There’s even a Tom Cochrane song about the road. Coincidentally, the song Ragged Ass Road has an exciting name and a boring sound. Way to play along with the game, Tom!

ragged ass road




Hole Un-Punched

Some meanie named Roy Stryker hole punched a bunch of Great Depression era photos because he didn’t like them. Today ds106 Daily Creators are trying to help unpunch them and give them new life. My first attempt was a light-hearted jab (light-hearted is something new I’m trying) in which I try to show that Stryker was just trying to hide this guy’s serious smoking addiction.

But then I wanted to cheer up a more serious one. Who hole punches a baby’s head? For shame, Styker!



For this I used the latest in disruptive Educational Technology: The Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode App. Specifically, the camera bit that automatically pops a silly hat on your head. I did it in the most professional way possible: I used my phone to take a picture of the picture on my desktop. Top quality ensued. If the results could speak for themselves, they would maybe chuckle lightly. Now he has pictures with a birthday hat, a toque, a cowboy hat, a daredevil helmet, a cute little sunhat and I couldn’t resist giving him a little mustache and beard, too. A little bit of hole punch shows here and there, but I ain’t no perfectionist! Take that, Stryker ya dink!


Post Lots of Bill: A Week of Shakespeare Creates

I’m not much of a Shakespeare buff (yet! There’ still time) but I do think he is pretty cool. It’s nice to have the chance to use the word buff, too, even if it’s in the negative. My favorite play from Bill is MacBeth. That story always cheers me up.

All this week Daily Creates have been to post imagery to do with various lines from Shakespeare. When I assemble all five of my posts in one spot here I predict we will see that the whole is weaker than the sum of its parts. Let’s find out! (insert Law and Order WAB WAB sound)

Day One: 

I used @mhawksey’s wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing from OER16 to make it seem like Yorick was at the conference. He wasn’t for reals though!yOERick.png Day 2:

I took this picture of this pretty lady for Day 2. She totally doth.

she doth.png

Day 3:

Find a photograph that captures the words of Shakespeare. Even better if you can go beyond the literal.

I subverted some of Bill’s words from Macbeth to say thanks to Open Educators like the DS106 crew.


Day 4:

Dream? Bottom? Sandy says Bottom is a donkey. Make something to illustrate Shakespeare’s words.

I ran through about 50 different vague ideas here but they all involved butts and bums…I thought I needed more coffee to get through this. And then it hit me! Also, the grand return of my low-intermediate MS Paint Skills!

bottoms dream
Bottom’s Dream: Bottomless Coffee Cup

And Day 5:

 As previously mentioned. I’m not much of a Bill buff, so I had to think about this one and what it meant. I didn’t think too deeply though because this ended up involving a chat box and Kijiji, of course.


There you have it, I hope you enjoyed an inconsistent and innocuous week of Shakespeare through me!

O Well Done!

Daily Create 1564 Find a photograph that captures the words of Shakespeare. I found a picture under CCO public domain here and borrowed it. I then found some of Bill’s words in a little known play called MacBeth. It’s a Rom-Com, I believe. Anyway I think I’m subverting Bill’s words. In the play it is Hecate thanking the witches for being baddies. I’m using the words to thank those out there who are into sharing and promoting Open Education. Thanks y’all!

This Cedar is not Alone

Daily Create 1559 This here tree is not alone per se. It is among friends. But it is living its life its own way, in its own direction. Not straight up like those other unexciting, assembly line sheep-trees. It chose not to grow up, but up and over. When you look at the picture, do you notice the straight up trees? No, because they are boring. You look at the brave leaning tree because it is different and it doesn’t care what the other trees think. The other trees are cool about it, though. Trees don’t bully each other. They are trees.

Anyway, the leaning tree spent its whole life growing up and to the left not knowing that one day, two small, purple-covered entities would wander in to the little tableau it had so dominated its whole life and join it to form nature’s % symbol… or maybe more of a crooked ÷ symbol. Luckily, I was there to record the moment and save it for all humanity and treemanity.


The Things DS106 Has Done For Me

I think it’s time I said thanks to DS106 and to list the things it has done for me. Not that I’m stopping. I’m just getting started. And who doesn’t like a good list? #46 will shock you!

Actually the list has only 3 things. But they’re biggies! I’ll keep this short and sweet so that people with short attention spans like me might read it.

  1. Learning how to tell stories better. Shocking that a course on Digital Storytelling would help with this, I know. But it works as advertised. Also, with the lovely openness of the set up, if I forget how to do something or don’t get to everything, it’ll all be there for me when I need it.
  2. Seeing just how far a learning community can go. Again, with an open set up as well as extensive attention paid to how to set yourself up in the community, something that started as one course in one school can become something people all over the world commit to #4LIFE.
  3. Finding new inspirations. The characters that one comes across because they are directly or indirectly tied to DS106 are people you might look up to for the following reasons: sharing, critical thinking, creativity, selflessness, DIYyness, leadership, commitment, inclusiveness, risk-taking, piss-taking, and you know, other good stuff. Alan Levine, Audrey Watters, Jim Groom, Paul Bond, Kin Lane, Gardner Campbell to name just a few. And there are a whole lot more amazing people in the community that I am still sifting through. You can decide for yourself which reasons you might look up to these folks.

I’m plenty happy to be a small part of the community, so thank you all and see you out there!

Grids and Gestures

TDC1555 My Day in Grids and Gestures… I did grids, but my gestures are more like just shapes… I only had 5-10 minutes though and it’s Monday morning so gimme a break!

Here’s a vague legend into what you’re looking at represented: sleep, water, sounds, smiles, mouse clicks, biking, sliding, swinging, eating, viewing, water, a little bit of time to ourselves and sleep again. And then do it again tomorrow! It’s a pretty good set up.

The Power of 4

DS106 Daily Create #1552 You probably have heard of the number 4, but did you know that it was a very powerful number? More powerful than 3, that’s for sure. Today we celebrate the power of number 4 and all the things you can do with it.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty business of this all. Why is 4 so powerful? It’s simple. The number FOUR is the owner/operator of the ALL POWERFUL FOUR LETTER WORD.

So today, I make art to honour the 4 letter word and today you should use one of them on someone who irritates you. The S-word, the F-word, the C-word, The H-word, The U-word (haha there’s no 4 letter U-word I gotcha!). Enjoy, but remember to use your powers wisely.


Almost a Billboard

Daily Create 1548 is to find yourself on a billboard and take a selfie of it. I don’t know how anyone else is finding themselves on billboards in order to take a selfie. I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t think I’d ever been the subject of an ad campaign for anything. I wandered the earth searching anyway. Couldn’t find myself anywhere! But I did come close. I was wandering down a freeway in Manaus, Brazil, just about to give up, when I spotted my face in graffiti, peeking out over a billboard. CLOSE ENOUGH! I took a quick selfie, made my actual face peek into the frame just like my graffiti because that is silly, and here we are!

Kind of weird that my face is in graffiti in Manaus, Brazil, though. What’s up with that?billboardt.png

image attribution was not necessary but here’s a link anyway

Cobb and Ariadne Dream Construction: Lesson 2

Daily Create #1544

After their first dream building lesson went a little awry, Cobb realized the learning environment should be a little simpler to navigate than the busy streets of Paris. So his choice of setting for lesson 2 was Monument Valley in Arizona.

As you can see from the picture, they have a little less extraneous cognitive load as Ariadne learns to construct in this peaceful learning environment. Way to be flexible in your learning design, Cobb!

Featured Image modified from public domain image found in the Carol M. Highsmith Archive