Week 3 Round Up, Now in Week 4

western misdirectionSo I’m getting behind and skipping some stuff, which I feel is in the spirit of being an open participant. If you’d like tips on how to do this, hit me up.

Here are some excuses: work, family, moving. Good enough.

All I could muster this week (last week) was one blog post about What’s the Story with Stories? and a few daily creates about Chuckleheads, Choices and obviously one about Hoodoo Larue.

That’s all that I produced. All I gave this week. But on the flip side I took a lot. By take I mean I did a lot of reading and took a lot of inspiration from the resources in ‘Yes, But What is Digital Storytelling? These Edupunk guys and gals are pretty cool. I think I just might look up to them. I bookmarked approximately a lot of links to articles and posts and I followed on Twitter anyone mentioned anywhere so that I can come back to these ideas and feel connected to them. I’m on to you.

So it being Thursday of week 4, I’m pulling the pin on week 3. That’s it week 3, you’re done. Head off into the sunset. Week 4 is where it’s at now. See you there!


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