Does Helen get a Badge?

Yes. Yes of course she does.

I sat down this morning to check on Helen’s Ontario Extend work to see if I could award her a badge. I have now completed checking her work in the Teacher for Learning module. There was never any doubt in my mind.

Here was my process:

Navigate through the Teacher for Learning module until I get to an “Extend Activity”. Click “Take it To the Bank”. Scroll through the responses. Has Helen submitted one? YUP!

There you will see a link to a post on her blog which is a response to the activity. Repeat this process 8 times. Each time, it’s a yes. All of them wonderful responses. Here’s the evidence:

  1. Identifying a concept that is often misunderstood in a discipline and created an analogy to help make sense of it

  1. Creating a concept map of a syllabus for a course

  1. Practicing note taking skills

  1. Brainstorming a list of “What’s in it for me?” from a student perspective

  1. Identifying a concept in a discipline that is like driving a car and specified the component skills that are required to master this concept of skill

  1. Creating an introductory activity, connected to a discipline, to get to know learners

  1. Finding a nugget and making it as meaningful as possible

  1. Articulating a metaphor to describe their teaching philosophy

Take your badge, Helen! More to come!

Who’s next? Apply for your badges at the end of each module, like here for example.


4 thoughts on “Does Helen get a Badge?”

  1. Of course Helen gets a badge! FYI an easier way to find all of Helen’s responses:

    She’s done Extend Activities for a while; if I was a participant I might choose to add a tag to my responses that would identify just my summer efforts, like cogdogsummer2018; we could even suggest people in cohorts tag their responses too.

    Using tags for self-organizing (e.g. curating) is an badge worthy skill, eh?

    Notice the “eh”?

  2. Love this, thanks Terry! Made my day!
    Alan’s idea is great – I’ve been using it to help keep me organized, but I’ve done the ‘self-organizing’ and curation all in one place as a way to keep myself on track! Here’s how I posted the summary for the module completion, in case others want to manage their own ‘tagging’ –
    It’s just one way of making myself accountable for my own learning.

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