Your Head’s Got a Learning Machine

I did this work in honour of Daily Create #tdc1598 ‘Obviously Photoshopped’, but this is actually Daily Create 1618, Paperback Paradise: which is to take an old paperback and springboard off of it in a new direction. This book was originally entitled the Genesis Machine, which was obviously a machine that produced new Genesis tracks where you can set filters like pop, rock, hard, soft or Peter Gabriel on or off.

…The new direction that this book went in is the great and wonderful inevitable future of education. We don’t need no deciding and or learning anything for ourselves in the near future! That’s not allowed in the Terms and Conditions. What you will learn has been algorithmed and blockchained long before it gets to you! So, enjoy another lessonisode of your pre-selected path with your Learning Machine. No more boring interactions. Only learn what’s deemed necessary.

learning machine2

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