Mystery Incorporated’s Greatest Villain

My 3 year old daughter has me well versed in Scooby-lore. I know all about the goings on in Crystal Cove. I was always skeptical of one thing though… The Mystery Machine. And we’ve finally unmasked the dastardly villain. All along it was…cogdog!


villain image borrowed from:

Mystery Machine Image from boing boing

2 thoughts on “Mystery Incorporated’s Greatest Villain”

  1. I think this is really cool! I have never made a GIF before but am trying to for this assignment. What website did you use to create this? I cannot seem to make one that will let me post it the way that you did. When I try it just shows the link.

    1. Thanks! I made the gif in Photoshop actually and when you add it to a tweet or WordPress it plays. Does the site you’re using allow you to download the gif?

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