#ds106: Do Yourself a Crodscollop

Daily Create 1614, or, in Gobblefunk, Todaydlebop Makemshmee #1614 is to create a slogan for ds106 using Gobblefunk. Here’s mine:

Do Yourself a Crodscollop!

Tired of just sitting there whizzpopping all day long? Don’t want to be bopmuggered, crodsquinkled and gunzlewiped in the boring hornswoggles of the Internet, bapsqaggling all the live long day?

Well, now you can portedo yourself to cromulence with exundly what you need to break free from the filthsome swigpill!

And that whoopsy splunkers is ds106! An open free time twiddling thing that can make your phizzwizzards come true! Join now before you are lixivated. You’ll have a frothbuggling good time!

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