Well, That Was Easy

Create a treasure map, you say? Well, when I need a map I usually don’t create them myself. I let the Internet do it for me. So I went ahead and Google Mapped for Treasure. And wouldn’t you know it, ‘X’ doesn’t mark the spot anymore, that balloon thingy does.

treasure map 2

Looks like it’s located in an area known as ‘So Many Lakes’. It’s not clear by the map why the area has such a name. I’ll report back when I get there.

Here are my choices for travelling to the treasure


  1. 529 Hour Walk. I think I’ll try something faster.walk
  2. 141 Hour bike ride. This is more promising. Maybe. bike
  3. 162 Hours by horse. Same route as bike, but have to stop more for hay breaks.horse

So I’m going to go ahead and travel by horse because it just feels right in treasure hunting. I will tread lightly, heeding the warning of crossing through strange and mysterious lands that the direction machine has provided. I will constantly squint my eyes and pan back and forth like a true cowpoke. Looking for poncho-wearing villains, gun-totin’ strangers and other dangers. I assume on the way I will witness things like train robberies, someone tied to train tracks and left for dead, tumble weeds and lonely roads. If you get there before me, save me some treasure! TDC1495

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