The Chance Encounter of Ona Corkum and Caterina Giannantonio

Daily Create 1605 Canadian Ona Corkum, Thunder Bay’s penultimate foot doctor, made an unlikely friend last month off the coast of Puerto Rico. Ona has had a fear of water all of her life and was determined to master this fear by going on an all inclusive cruise through the Caribbean.

She had had a couple tee many martoonis when she slipped on a plate of jumbo shrimp that Italy’s Caterina Giannantonio had placed on the boatdeck while she refilled her margarita. The resulting crash ended up with Ona and Caterina somehow laughingly tangled up in three separate chaise longes to the delight of 150 other passengers on the deck at the time.

Six of those passengers had the wherewithal to film it and even get together to splice and edit the footage into a six second Vine complete with dubstep music. The duo became minor cruise ship celebrities for the remainder of the trip and have stayed in touch ever since.

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