104, 105, 107, 108

Daily Create 1607 Find a near miss of 106 in that there real world.

I thought I’d try a new version of the most awesome game ever… Stop the Stopwatch as Fast as Possible! My record was … not great. The new version of this great game is Get It To Stop at 106! Man the video game creator folks at Valve, EA and Rockstar have nothing on me!

Here’s the outcome:almost106

Here’s my own personal blundery process to get what I got:

-Google Stopwatch and use that stopwatch that pops up

-Record my futile efforts with Screen Cast O Matic

-Publish to mp4

-Convert to avi so I can put it into Movie Maker so I can secretly edit out the time  I accidentally did hit 1.06

-Publish to mp4 again

-Open it up in Photoshop and save for web to make it a looppity loopin GIF

There you have it, the sum is lesser than the numerator of its denominator.

Featured image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/vnoel/


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