Well John Johnston Came 106ing Past

As a Canadian, the name John Johnston reminds me immediately of Tom Thompson, one of our best painters. Today, for Daily Create 1592, we write a poem for John! Well, lucky me, another famous group of Canadians wrote a song about Tom Thomspon, so now I have a template to borrow to add some words for John. Hope you’re okay with some 90s CanRock, John!

Here is my version of Three Pistols, by The Tragically Hip, for John Johnston.

Well, John Johnston came 106ing past
I’m pretty sure it was him
And he spoke so softly in accordance
To the GLOWing of the dim
He said, “Bring on a brand new disruption
‘Cause I think I’m ready
Well, I’ve been futzing all night long
But my voice is steady”

image credit: Tom Thompson’s Jack Pine National Gallery of Canada

5 thoughts on “Well John Johnston Came 106ing Past”

  1. Also, you claim you can’t sing, but you owe it to your public (it exists) to put them lyrix to music. Get a mate of yours to croon the ballad. And form a Group. It’s the natural next step 🙂

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