Tourism Mashups

I’m excited to say that today the Daily Create was my suggestion! Although I didn’t come up with the idea myself. Back in the early 2000s when all the big clothes retailers were going super crazy with graphic tees (it was like they thought they had just made up the idea) I found a t-shirt at Old Navy for $7 that had a picture of the Kremlin, with ‘California’ across the middle. I thought it was pretty funny to mix things up like that. I put a few together (re-using the Kremlin idea even) and suggested it as a ds106 Daily Create. Thanks for the fun idea, graphic tee designer man or woman at Old Navy circa 2001-ish!

I enjoy that it even says Sudbury on the water tower in the Vegas one. Sudbury is like Vegas of the north, I think. I drove by it once.

When I saw that this was the daily create today I was excited to make more. This one inspired by watching the Princess and The Frog 63 times with our daughters. It might just be my favorite Disney movie. It is delightful. And Raymond the Lightning Bug is the greatest insect of all time.

dreamsin norleans

Sorry, but just one more. Wanted to go with a place with a crazy name and a boring looking picture. The road sign for the real Ragged Ass Road is apparently stolen a lot. There’s even a Tom Cochrane song about the road. Coincidentally, the song Ragged Ass Road has an exciting name and a boring sound. Way to play along with the game, Tom!

ragged ass road




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