This Cedar is not Alone

Daily Create 1559 This here tree is not alone per se. It is among friends. But it is living its life its own way, in its own direction. Not straight up like those other unexciting, assembly line sheep-trees. It chose not to grow up, but up and over. When you look at the picture, do you notice the straight up trees? No, because they are boring. You look at the brave leaning tree because it is different and it doesn’t care what the other trees think. The other trees are cool about it, though. Trees don’t bully each other. They are trees.

Anyway, the leaning tree spent its whole life growing up and to the left not knowing that one day, two small, purple-covered entities would wander in to the little tableau it had so dominated its whole life and join it to form nature’s % symbol… or maybe more of a crooked ÷ symbol. Luckily, I was there to record the moment and save it for all humanity and treemanity.


4 thoughts on “This Cedar is not Alone”

  1. The “two small, purple-covered entities” are obviously aliens. The question is though, do they feed on trees ? Or perhaps merely in trees ? Or are they scrabbling in the dirt for some other reason ? I suspect the foreground alien was elevated to the top of the picture when you saw nature’s % symbol, and then slowly descended to terra firma before you took the photo. Another mystery to ponder.

    1. Maybe they are aliens! I was thinking that they are probably forest fairies who travel the forest creating wood punctuation. I will try to communicate with them if I see them again.

  2. “Forest fairies creating wood punctuation” — YES! That would account nicely for the apparent foraging behaviour. Perhaps the punctuation process actually generates energy by some mystical means. Now all you need to bring in is some “wibbly wobbly timey-wimey” element and you’ll have the making of a fine Dr Who episode here. Next up in the plot needs to be an existential threat to the civilization of the WoodPunctuationForestFairy life forms (the WooPFFs) which the Good Doctor can swoop in an solve with the help of his assistant.

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