Sparking a Story

Daily Create today (TDC1514) is to create a story and a collage. I haven’t created a collage since the 1800s. Let’s see if I still don’t got it.

By the way thanks for the help, Story Spark! You’re so random! You gave me so much inspiration. Well, really you did all the work by providing the story type, character description, occupation, action, 2nd character description, 2nd occupation and setting. But that’s all, I did the rest! When I began searching for pictures though, I find that my brain is completely and utterly only able to think in terms of a sitcom right now. Thanks Fuller House! Can anyone tell me why I can’t stop watching Fuller House???? Now songs from Growing Pains are stuck in my head and I just thought about Golden Girls and Facts of Life for no apparent reason. 2016 is weird. Enjoy my collage! Also I don’t know what the word avenge really means.




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