Flagship Product From ACME’s New Interdisciplinary Line

Daily Create #1543 Design a New ACME Product.

Designer Rob Loukotka created a poster of every product Wile E. Coyote ever bought from them. This got back to the honchos at ACME, who haven’t sold a thing since 1994, and inspired them to begin developing new products again.

“We hadn’t ever seen all of our products on one page before. It made us realize that we could take some of our surplus just lying around, put them together to make new products!” Said CEO Larry Akammee the 3rd, probably. Hence the creation of the new Interdisciplinary Line of ACME products.

Pictured above is the flagship product from the new line: The Year-Round Dogsled Road Runner Chaser. Dogs were always more motivated to catch the Roadrunner than any inanimate object, so they were always a great choice for the chase. However, it’s not always winter everywhere. It’s often not winter at all and the sled just doesn’t slide nicely on dirt, sand and asphalt. No problem anymore as ACME has attached a snow making machine to the back of the sled. Other features include: it all being held together by cactus and magnets and of course a dozen live sticks of dynamite in the front of the sled.

The catalog image above was just blatantly and poorly cut and pasted from Loukotka’s poster. Visit his page view all of the images that have inspired the ACME Corporation to start up operations again. Well done, Rob!

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