Hole Un-Punched

Some meanie named Roy Stryker hole punched a bunch of Great Depression era photos because he didn’t like them. Today ds106 Daily Creators are trying to help unpunch them and give them new life. My first attempt was a light-hearted jab (light-hearted is something new I’m trying) in which I try to show that Stryker was just trying to hide this guy’s serious smoking addiction.

But then I wanted to cheer up a more serious one. Who hole punches a baby’s head? For shame, Styker!



For this I used the latest in disruptive Educational Technology: The Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode App. Specifically, the camera bit that automatically pops a silly hat on your head. I did it in the most professional way possible: I used my phone to take a picture of the picture on my desktop. Top quality ensued. If the results could speak for themselves, they would maybe chuckle lightly. Now he has pictures with a birthday hat, a toque, a cowboy hat, a daredevil helmet, a cute little sunhat and I couldn’t resist giving him a little mustache and beard, too. A little bit of hole punch shows here and there, but I ain’t no perfectionist! Take that, Stryker ya dink!


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