Head to the Right of The Screen to Get to Work

Daily Create 1537 Create some bike art in advance of Bike to Work Day. A GIF counts as art, no? Every day can be bike to work day.  I filmed my entire bike commute today. Of course the snow has returned. Just a light dusting.5secondcommute

My one mitt-less hand got a little cold holding the phone.  What I found out was, if I can get fit enough to ride 32X faster, I could get to work in about 5 seconds. 3 seconds home because it’s downhill. I’d like to thank the camera on my Samsung Galaxy S5, my cold right hand, Movie Maker, Giphy, and WordPress for making this all possible.

2 thoughts on “Head to the Right of The Screen to Get to Work”

    1. Yes I have a weird sideways-ish style of riding! I had to upgrade to a 5 second commute, because a 10 second GIF is too big to Tweet. Now I really have to get in shape to make that time IRL.

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