Drone, Please Come Home

Daily Create 1679

Here is how this video came to be. You will probably note that my process is fraught with inefficiencies and could be done in approximately a lot less steps.

  • Copy the youtube link for the original Kin Lane Drone Recovery video
  • Paste it into keepvid.com and download the mp4
  • Make that there mp4 go into Movie Maker
  • Splice out the part where Kin is just about to grab it
  • Think about how it’d be funny if it took off again and just kept looping that way
  • Google: how to reverse a video
  • Find http://www.videoreverser.com/
  • Put my spliced video into that
  • Download the reversed version
  • Add that to Movie Maker project, copy and paste a few times
  • Realize I need some old timey rag time music to add to this
  • Go to freemusicarchive.org, Old-Time/Historic Genre
  • Listen to a few songs, settle on ‘Percy Wenrich: The Smiler’
  • Put that song into Movie Maker, add title and credits, watch the finished product, lightly chuckle, publish to mp4
  • Then put that there video into youtube




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