Strange Mini-Golf, Hole 4 Par 87

I can’t show you a picture of this hole, as you have to do it blindfolded. Words will have to suffice. Picture this… Wait I forgot, you’ll be blindfolded, so don’t picture this… feel this:

Blindfold on, you will begin by hitting a very small golf club with a very big golf ball. The mini club will not go very far as it does not roll very well at all.

At this point you will need to get down on your knees and feel around for your mini-club. This will probably happen after every stroke. Did I mention that you are not standing on astro-turf? You are actually up in a Giant Sequoia.

Now you can decide whether or not to keep hitting your club with the giant ball or if you just want to flick the club with the ring finger on your non-dominant hand. But this choice is now or never. Most people switch to flicking.

Once you find your mini club and you flick it again, the club will likely fall out of the tree. So now you need to try to climb out of the tree blindfolded. Don’t worry, the tree is surrounded by mattresses.

Now that you are lying in a pile of mattresses, again, search for your mini club by feeling around with your hands. Found it? Great! Flick it again, away from the tree if you remember where it is. Keep flicking it until you get it onto a local bus. This may take a while.

Once on the bus with your mini club, wait until the driver announces the name of a stop that reminds you of your childhood. This is where you need to switch from flicking to kicking. Oh yeah and you can switch out your mini-club to a beach ball. I put a deflated one in your pocket. Inflate it! Quickly now! And then kick it out the door and chase it!

Now that you are wherever you are, continue to kick your ball until someone asks you if you if they can play with your ball as well. This person is Hole 4 of our golf course! Tell them nicely that they are welcome to play with the ball, but you have to get back to your mini-golf game! The run back to the course and begin Hole 5.

Good luck!

flickr photo shared by Orin Zebest under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license
ds106 Daily Create #1685

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