The Open Learner Patchbook Went To The PressEd Conference

Last month I had the opportunity to let people know about The Open Learner Patchbook via the PressEd Conference. If you want to get your mind stretched open in regards to using WordPress in your pedagogy, check out each of the presentations, which have been curated in to moments here.

The Open Learner Patchbook is a very basic use of WordPress in comparison to the others. But still, I think it’s cool. Here’s my moment:

I was also very happy to get the chance to chat about the Patchbooks at Davidson College last week. (Here are my slides for that one.)

The excellent round of questions that arose from the Davidson talk made me realize that it is high time for the Open Learner Patchbook to have its Pressbook version (like the faculty patchbook already has) built so stay tuned for that!

As always, I will be accepting additional patches to both the Open Learner Patchbook and the Open Faculty Patchbook for the rest of time. Let me know if you want to add to it by commenting below or by tweeting at me.

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