Sliding In

A fantastic new opportunity begins for me this week. I’ll be joining the wonderful folks at eCampusOntario as a Program Manager! Three other PMs are already well into the work: Jenni Hayman, Peg French, and Joanne Kehoe. The program managers work to aid Ontario colleges and universities in the pursuit of great technology-enabled learning. I’m more than pumped to join this team and get in on some of the amazing work they’ve been doing. Get your coattails ready for me, friends!

I know a few little tidbits of what I’ll be focusing on at first. Including helping to extend the Ontario Extend project (is that meta-extension?). What I promised to do for eCampusOntario in my interview is shared below. They asked for a three slide presentation. I went for minimalism; only adding one main word to each slide and to highlight the areas of the Anatomy of 21st Century Educators that these one-word promises hit hardest.

I missed one very important word that supersedes the others. It may be implied, but here I want to make it explicit.

I will listen.

And I mean Chuck Pearson levels of listening.

This listening, writing, speaking and (community) building will happen on the Web, in person, and on the radio. By promising to do these things, I don’t mean to just do it by myself. I will share the spaces, in any opportunity that arises, with any educator willing to share stories, plans, and ideas. This can help us all have a shorter climb to the top.

I hope you’ll join in. I think it’s going to be a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to get started. Add a comment below if you want to connect.

“Slide…..” flickr photo by Jinx! shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

7 thoughts on “Sliding In”

  1. Congratulations, Terry, on your new adventure! The Fleming Flamingos will miss you, so it’s great to know that you plan to keep connected! Enjoy your journey!

  2. Thank you so much, Helen! I’d love it if you wanted to share some of the great work that you’re doing with creativity in your teaching somewhere down the line!

  3. Heads’ up: This post is going to be the “Read it and Tweet” section in next week’s Hub. My suggested hashtags for people to use when tweeting include #wellmissyouTerryorsoyourcakesaid, and #solongTerrydontletthedoorhityouonthewayout!

  4. All the best Terry, not gonna lie, I’m happy for you but I sure am gonna miss you and all those great sarcastic comments!

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