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Daily Create 1634: ‘Print’ out a Youtube Video using Bookmarklet. Pretty cool and very simple tool to get a story board out of a video: check it out here

I chose the Log Driver’s Waltz as my video. Why? Well, as a Canadian of a certain age, before the Internet and MuchMusic Video Dance Parties, this was the music video we were brought up on. 100% of us know what burling is because of this video, even though none of us have actually tried doing it. I believe the National Film Board of Canada should have had a moral obligation to run burling camps across the country during this heyday, since all of us wish we could try it but did not have the opportunity. Had they done so, we would not need nearly as much public transportation, as most of us would get to school, work and the mall by running on a log down a water way. What a missed opportunity.

Canada Vignettes: Log Driver’s Waltz


Watch the video to see a great example of the benefits of experiential learning

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