Hotel 106 is Calling From Far Away

Alanis Morissette updated her lyrics to ‘Ironic’ so I thought, if she can do it, I can do it too, only not as well! So for today’s Daily Create, in which we discover the Hotel 106 has the same ridiculous checkout policy as the Hotel California, we have revised lyrics! Think of the Don Henley serenading you as you read the lyrics:

Hotel 106

On a dark super highway, cool thoughts in my head
Warm smell of coffee, rising up through the air
Up ahead in the monitor, I saw a blinking cursor
My head grew heavy and my ideas grew dim
I had to skip a few lyrics
hmmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmm hmmm;
I heard the Twitter bell
And I was thinking to myself,
“I should probably be doing something else”
Then they lit up a Daily and they showed me a way
There were GIFfies down the Tweetdeck stream,
I thought I saw them loop…

Welcome to the Hotel One Oh Si-ix
Such a learny place (Such a learny place)
At whatever pace
Plenty to learn at the Hotel One Oh Si-ix
Most time of year (Most time of year)
You can find it here

My mind is GIFfany-twisted, I got the WordPressy bends
I got a lot of witty, witty peeps I calls friends
How they dance in syndication, sweet creative sweat.
Some Tweet to remember, some just plain forget

So I called up the CogDog,
“Please post me Create”
He said, “We haven’t had that silliness here since, oh last Tuesday”
And still those blog posts are calling from far away,
Wake you up in the middle of work
Just to see their Create…

Welcome to the Hotel One Oh Si-ix
Such a learny place (Such a learny place)
At whatever pace
They livin’ it up at the Hotel One Oh Si-ix
What a nice domain (what a nice domain)
Bring your own stories

Mirrors of the webpage,
The pink text hard to see
And she said “We are all just blog posters here, on our own device”
And on the master pages,
They aggregated for the feast
They click it with their electric mice,
And they just won’t stop the flow

Last thing I remember, I was
tweetin daily creates
I had to find the hashtag back
To get a place on the leaderboard
“Relax, ” said the DogTrax,
“We are programmed to Create.
You can post them any time you like,
But you can’t catch Ron_2008! “

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