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Gettin’ Air is a podcast/radio show which plays on Friday mornings at 9 a.m. ET on and then is posted as a podcast here.

Gettin’ Air: The Song

The opening and closing song, by Calgary punk band Chixdiggit, can be found here: You can buy the album if you want. It’s great fun.


Below I will add show notes and descriptions. The newest one will appear at the top.

PressEd Conference Team – Natalie Lafferty and Pat Lockley

Gettin’ Air Season 2, Episode 35 with the @PressEdConf team of Natalie Lafferty (@nlafferty) and Pat Lockley (@pgogy). The second PressEdConf (#PressEdConf2019) wrapped up last month. It’s a conference fully delivered on Twitter with speakers and keynotes from across the world discussing their use of WordPress in education. Natalie, Pat and Terry discuss just how to organize a conference that happens nowhere and everywhere! (episode will release on on May 17, 2019)

Conference Site:

The conference that inspired PressEdx:

The Mock Turtles

Want to help fund this?

All the Twitter moments:

NodeXL Graph Gallery

Krista Mccracken

Gettin’ Air Season 2, Episode 34 with Krista Mccracken @kristamccracken (They/Them). Krista is a Public Historian and Archivist. They work in the Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre at Algoma University and as an editor at  . They are also a newly minted @ecampusontario Open Education Fellow! Terry and Krista chat about their copious amounts of work in and around the development of Open Educational Resources and Practices. See the show notes here to dig deeper:


Cards Against Environmental History

OE Fellowship

OER in Other Languages Project

Beyond the lecture OER

National Council on Public History Conference

Rolin Moe

Gettin’ Air Season 2, Episode 33 with Rolin Moe. Rolin is Seattle Pacific University’s Director of Academic Innovation. He describes his work as “connective tissue” as he turns pedagogical research into best practices in action. Have a listen and check out his page at  to see just how brilliant and dynamic Rolin’s work really is.

Here are things we chat about:

The Open Education Conference


OLC Innovation Installation

Edutechnicalities Podcast

David Kernohan at OpenEd 13

Adam Croom’s Open Data Scrape

Bonni Stachowiak

Gettin’ Air Season 2, Episode 32 with Bonni Stachowiak (@bonni208). Bonni is host of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast ( ). To help Bonni celebrate the 250 episode AND million download milestones her podcast recently passed, Terry surprised Bonni by collecting all the questions from Bonni’s former podcast guests. Bonni’s thoughtful answers brought laughs and tears and lots of other feelings in between.

Here are the things that come up in the chat:

Not Yet-Ness



Microsoft Teams



Microsoft Flow

Sean Cassidy

Jazz Improvisation 

Christian Friedrich

Gettin’ Air Season 2, Episode 31 with Christian Friedrich (@friedelitis) Christian is the Education and Science Advisor to Wikimedia Deutschland and he is one half of the world’s best German speaking Open Education podcast called “Feierabendbier”. We chat about some of the differences in higher ed between Germany and North America, among other things.

Wikimedia Deutschland


Feierabendbeier Open Education

Towards Openness

Dave Cormier

Gettin’ Air Season 2 Episode 30 with Dave Cormier (@davecormier). Dave has been doing amazing “educationy thingies” for 21 years. We discuss what it’s like to have coined a term that is in the Oxford English Dictionary (MOOC) and how he feels about that. We also chat about his recent experience as Digital Pedagogy Lab Toronto where he lead the Open Pedagogy track.

Open Pedagogy track and the Wall of Sadness at Digital Pedagogy Lab Toronto

Could the Korean Film Dave was in be one of these?

CCK08 – The first MOOC


Choral Explanations

Amy Collier and Martha Burtis

Previous Episodes – (stay tuned!) 

Photo by Pamela Saunders on Unsplash