Almost a Billboard

Daily Create 1548 is to find yourself on a billboard and take a selfie of it. I don’t know how anyone else is finding themselves on billboards in order to take a selfie. I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t think I’d ever been the subject of an ad campaign for anything. I wandered the earth searching anyway. Couldn’t find myself anywhere! But I did come close. I was wandering down a freeway in Manaus, Brazil, just about to give up, when I spotted my face in graffiti, peeking out over a billboard. CLOSE ENOUGH! I took a quick selfie, made my actual face peek into the frame just like my graffiti because that is silly, and here we are!

Kind of weird that my face is in graffiti in Manaus, Brazil, though. What’s up with that?billboardt.png

image attribution was not necessary but here’s a link anyway

4 thoughts on “Almost a Billboard”

  1. You were “peeking out” mate, not “peaking” :-). Although, granted you were at the peak of the billboard. I was piqued that we didn’t see your whole fizzog though. What’s with that? And the blank grey background is terminally alien.

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