Every 3 Pictures Tell a Story

Daily Create 1654 is to create a story from three public domain images found on Pravatar.

The theme of my story is one I don’t think has ever been done in any story ever before ever: Good vs. Bad. Let’s see how this plays out!


The ending is deliberately vague because I wanted you to be left on the edge of your seat. Maybe the good guy won. Maybe the bad guy won. Maybe they joined forces to defeat the Mastermind. Maybe this is all a dream. Why is the mean guy covered in smoke? Is he from The Upside Down? What’s the good guy looking at? Is it a Pokemon? What’s with the Mastermind’s hat? Is he wearing it ironically? Find out next time if we can secure funding for a sequel!

We’re Going Into The Grid

Daily Create 1647

Commodore 64ing yourself feels exactly like what I think it might feel exactly like to go into the grid. I’m going to take Alice with me. 2016 - 766

So, the first and possibly only tool you need to use is the c64 yourself page provided in the Daily Create directions for the day. But when you watch yourself enter the grid, the process looks like entering the future and the past at the same time which is awesome so I wanted to capture that as well, not just the final product.

Enter another tool: Gyazo. This one allows you to record screencast GIFs . I’ve used it before to record little bits of how to do things in our learning containment system. You only have five seconds, so it’s a fun exercise in what you can do with strict limitations.


Look, Katie and Lucy came into the grid too! We all live here now.

katie and lucy!.gif


Today is Today Day

If you have a look at https://www.daysoftheyear.com, you’ll see that every day has 3 or 4 themes to it which is absolutely ridiculous, so I am reclaiming today as just a day.

Today is henceforth Today Day. Locally, provincially, nationally, internationally, globally, universally.

Do your own thing. Enjoy doing what you do.anigif_enhanced-buzz-11138-1338648854-10

Wherever you go, you are your own Today Day Parade so throw a little swagger in your step.

Have a great Today Day today!

Featured image created using canva.com

If you ask any girl, from the Parish around

Daily Create 1634: ‘Print’ out a Youtube Video using Bookmarklet. Pretty cool and very simple tool to get a story board out of a video: check it out here

I chose the Log Driver’s Waltz as my video. Why? Well, as a Canadian of a certain age, before the Internet and MuchMusic Video Dance Parties, this was the music video we were brought up on. 100% of us know what burling is because of this video, even though none of us have actually tried doing it. I believe the National Film Board of Canada should have had a moral obligation to run burling camps across the country during this heyday, since all of us wish we could try it but did not have the opportunity. Had they done so, we would not need nearly as much public transportation, as most of us would get to school, work and the mall by running on a log down a water way. What a missed opportunity.

Canada Vignettes: Log Driver’s Waltz


Watch the video to see a great example of the benefits of experiential learning

Not this time. Not any time.

Daily Create 1625 Don’t let your domain wither and fall into the hands of vultures!

I was watching a lot of MuchMusic back in 1992. One of the consequences of that is this song is in my long term memory:

Not necessarily the worst thing ever, but today it is because it won’t go away. If you put your ear up to my head, you will hear it faintly. I believe this song has inadvertently become my default personal soundtrack for standing up and saying a definite NO to something. When we get to the point where we can edit our brain files, I am deleting this one and replacing it with some RATM:

I pledge to the world now though, that my work will never ultimately end up used to shill low cholesterol diets. Never ever gonna get it!



Mystery Incorporated’s Greatest Villain

My 3 year old daughter has me well versed in Scooby-lore. I know all about the goings on in Crystal Cove. I was always skeptical of one thing though… The Mystery Machine. And we’ve finally unmasked the dastardly villain. All along it was…cogdog!


villain image borrowed from: http://cogdogblog.com/

Mystery Machine Image from boing boing