Broncos aren’t just for Super Bowls

1915, Oregon. Bonnie McCarroll didn’t have any trouble with the Broncos. Must not have been a Patriot.


Western Kindness

Daily create is to tweet some kindness to someone you don’t know. No simpler kindness than to say thanks.

So I’d like to say thanks to some Newcomers to Canada for reminding us that the cold, white stuff bombarding us at this time of year in Canada actually has some simple, fun applications. Look at the smiles on their faces!


Approaching things

Just catching up on weaving my web… Yesterday’s daily create was to depict this here life pro tip visually: Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from either side.

That puts Mitch (a noted fool), this bull and this horse in a real sticky situation.


Have a Cow, Man

Today, the daily create is to paint a cow. I for one chose not to paint, but instead to spin around 453 times under the instruction of my two year old daughter and see what a cow looks like then. The result is above. This method causes no trauma to or paint on the cow. You may not want to do it to yourself more than zero times though.


Daily Create: Home on the Range

A new verse of Home on the Range, for Daily Create #TDC1471 in honour of my furnace.

Home, home heat exchange

Not working, no heating today;

Today often is heard a discouraging word

Through three sets of chattering teeth.

Where the air is so cold, cuz it’s from outside,

The windchill so %$^&* unkind,

Yes I would exchange my home on the range

for one in a warmer clime.