Sideways Spooky Faces

Daily Create 1528  If you look at this picture sideways, you will notice it is a B. Signifying, subtly, the B wing of our building. This B is on the stairwell in font size 587 900.But if you look at it sideways, you see a spooky mask face! It looks like the phantom of the opera and one of the Super Mario baddies from a castle level got together and procreated. Stay away from B Wing! B warned!

DS106 Will Pump You UP!

Daily Create #1527. If anyone has been here from the start, they’ve done upwards of 1527 daily creates and their brain would definitely have a six pack on the right hand side. I am coming off a maintenance week from DS106 Training. It’s a fancy term meaning I didn’t do much for a spell. So now it’s time to get back to the brain gym and start to pump it up again. So here’s my Daily Create Poster. Get pumped!

A Nugget of Life Haiku: Is There Hope?

TDC1517. Life, A User’s Manual, by Georges Perec. I haven’t read it. I’m just winging it. I’ve been advised to throw out the manual.

This little nugget below is probably in there though. I’ve been worried about this forever. If we are constantly finding and skipping all the good stones, the nice round flat ones, they’ll all be gone and there will be none left to skip for future generations. You all know the feeling of victory and the promise of many bounces that you hold in your hands when you find a great one. Every one of those beauties you find and skip diminishes the world’s potential for skips. That is saddening. Even worse if you throw it and eff it up and only get like two skips.

Maybe someone with some entrepreneurial spirit should get a snorkel, jump in the lake and start bringing some of those little pancakes back to shore. Maybe all hope is not lost.

Skipping Stones

One Story/ Four Icons

One Story, Four Icons, A DS106 Design Assignment. Take four symbols or icons to represent a film. These four symbols here should remind you of a memorable film. What do you think it is? Click here to find out. Just kidding, this is the answer.

designassignmentonestory our icons

Impossible Dogs

Is it impossible, though? Grandpa may have been from Siberia, but this Husky is all about Libraria. Inspired by Grant Snider’s Impossible Dogs artwork, Daily Create 1516 has asked us to create an impossible new breed of dog. Here’s your new buddy, who doesn’t get you in trouble when you bring books back late: The Librarian Husky. He’ll even lick your stamps for you. It’s a side job of his.


Tree Seed The Stars

When you’re a silly person, Daily Creates (TDC1515) like this one, that obviously call for some response on a deeper more meaningful level, are trouble. This Daily Create is not asking for something trite. But I’m all about the trite! So I’m embracing the trite. Make a drawing with a tree, a seed and a star joining to create an image together. I look forward to other’s responses on that deeper more meaningful level. But for me and my MS Painting skills, that were cultivated over many years of very occasional half-hearted use, here’s what you get: A barely anthropomorphic tree who saw the stars. He did see them. He see’d them. And the tree’s happy little cowboy friend with the cool vest see’d them, too. Sorry.

Sparking a Story

Daily Create today (TDC1514) is to create a story and a collage. I haven’t created a collage since the 1800s. Let’s see if I still don’t got it.

By the way thanks for the help, Story Spark! You’re so random! You gave me so much inspiration. Well, really you did all the work by providing the story type, character description, occupation, action, 2nd character description, 2nd occupation and setting. But that’s all, I did the rest! When I began searching for pictures though, I find that my brain is completely and utterly only able to think in terms of a sitcom right now. Thanks Fuller House! Can anyone tell me why I can’t stop watching Fuller House???? Now songs from Growing Pains are stuck in my head and I just thought about Golden Girls and Facts of Life for no apparent reason. 2016 is weird. Enjoy my collage! Also I don’t know what the word avenge really means.