A Nugget of Life Haiku: Is There Hope?

TDC1517. Life, A User’s Manual, by Georges Perec. I haven’t read it. I’m just winging it. I’ve been advised to throw out the manual.

This little nugget below is probably in there though. I’ve been worried about this forever. If we are constantly finding and skipping all the good stones, the nice round flat ones, they’ll all be gone and there will be none left to skip for future generations. You all know the feeling of victory and the promise of many bounces that you hold in your hands when you find a great one. Every one of those beauties you find and skip diminishes the world’s potential for skips. That is saddening. Even worse if you throw it and eff it up and only get like two skips.

Maybe someone with some entrepreneurial spirit should get a snorkel, jump in the lake and start bringing some of those little pancakes back to shore. Maybe all hope is not lost.

Skipping Stones

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