Intra-Provincial Travelling Blues

Play the audio above as you listen to this tale of woe. And read slowly to get the full effect.

audio courtesy of: Sound Transit

All Canadians know, in order to travel from one place to another in the same province, whether it be as tiny as Prince Edward Island or as huge as Quebec or Ontario, you have to travel via Moffat, Scotland. The reason for this is no one noticed Brian Mulroney, who owns Moffat Industries in Moffat, Scotland, put the requirement in the Charlottetown Accord and then snuck it in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for good measure. It’s actually written in pink highlighter on the back.

So it was, and as you are hearing, when I found myself heading from Montreal, Quebec to Vallee Bras Du Nord, Also Quebec, I had to take a small plane across the Atlantic, Canoe back and then hike through knee deep maple leaves just to get there. And by the time I finally arrived in Vallee Bras Du Nord, I had forgotten why I wanted to go there in the first place, so I headed right back to Montreal via Moffat. tdc1508

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