Head West, Not So Young Man?

cowboyonchromolyhorse.png..fwTDC1503 How would I do this ? Well, I would hop on the Steel Horse I Ride (Chromoly Alloy Steel Tubing to be precise) which I have rendered into history using like 30-35 pixels in our featured image above (and to the right. It’s small so I used it twice). That’s me beside it. But I wouldn’t go very far west. I’m just going for a bike ride and want to get home at a reasonable hour. I’m already west of lots of things.

Clouds: Now with Two Sides

tdc1502 Apparently there are always two sides to every cloud but I only see one from where I am. How can we be so sure? Either way, it’s important to always listen to each and every cloud. And name them all. You should definitely name them. These two are called Cloudy (on the right), and Clowdy (on the left).